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Meet Our Therapist Kristin Nakajima

Kristin Nakajima, MSW

Kristin Nakajima, MSW

Kristin Nakajima, LCSW is a Massachusetts native and recently settled in Wilmington with her husband and daughter. Kristin believes that healing is an organic process that is unique to each. Kristin practices from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy foundation and incorporates mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, guided imagery, art, music, and writing, in her sessions. She values giving emotions opportunity to be expressed on a level that can't be verbalized.  

Kristin's work is anchored in evidenced-based techniques, and she loves working with individuals interested in exploring the range of possibilities outside of traditional talk therapy. She knows that some individuals  benefit from a direct and structured approach, while others may find healing through incorporating expressive techniques. 

"I believe that each person’s experience is unique, personal, and important". - Kristin Nakajima

Kristin has a passion for working with individuals who have experienced grief or loss. She believes that each person’s experience is unique, personal, and important. Events both large and small can elicit a grief response: death, divorce, breakups, loss of a job,  change in job,  death of a fur baby, miscarriage, anniversary of a loss, and more. Individuals struggling with grief often report they don’t know what is wrong. They assume their lives have been irreparably damaged by their loss and cannot imagine feeling better. Grief can feel like it has no end. Kristin has specialized training and experience and knows how to guide individuals from feeling stuck, to living again.

Kristin is experienced and skilled in working with athletes. As a former collegiate athlete she understands the performance mindset. She works with athletes of all kind but especially those working through performance goals, performance dips, injury or fear of injury, the challenge of finding balance, and the difficult transition following retirement. Kristin helps athletes unlock obstacles in order to live and compete fully.

Kristin also loves working with new moms! She knows after the birth of a child comes a chaotic, stressful, yet beautiful time. She works with mothers and fathers adjusting to new roles, moms in the 4th trimester, postpartum stress, postpartum depression. She loves helping parents learn to navigate their new roles.

Fun Fact: Kristin loves animals. She sings and plays the guitar.


  • New mothers

  • Mothers in the ‘fourth trimester’ and beyond

  • Athletes

  • Athletic performance

  • Athletic injury

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Loss of a Pet

Treatment Orientation:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T.)

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (C.P.T.)

  • Minfulness Based Therapy

UNDERGRADUATE, Kristin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Kenyon College.

GRADUATE,  Kristin received her master’s degree in Science and Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University.