Who Are These People Anyway? 


Carrie Perkis is a skilled psychologist and co-owner of Clarity Counseling Center. Carrie's practice is dedicated to helping  adults, in a nonjudgmental and supportive therapeutic environment. Carrie is gentle and nurturing in her therapeutic approach.  She primarily practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Carrie specializes in helping individual struggling with grief and loss, financial difficulties, career difficulties, and all types of anxiety.

Fun Fact: Carrie  is a huge Michael Jackson fan.

Karin Kassab is a skilled psychologist, and co-owner of Clarity Counseling Center. She has a genuine passion for ‘helping people help themselves.' Karin works in a very collaborative and participatory manner; you’ll get feedback, advice, and valuable evidence-based skills in each session. She primarily practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and (DBT) and has a strong appreciate for holistic health and mindfullness. She works with anxious teens, college students, and adults to find their peace. Karin helps individuals regain their footing and focus, after a break-up and is also passionate about working with individuals with eating issues (anorexia, ARFID, BED, etc.). She also works other special populations who have special therapy needs: healthcare professionals, therapists, businesspeopleboss ladies, high profile clients, and individuals struggling with attachment issues or codependency

Fun Fact: Karin is our resident yogi and techie.

Justin Mitchell is a skilled therapist dedicated to specialties other therapist often shy away from. In sessions he is compassionate yet direct when indicated.  Justin is recognized as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and works with adult and adolescent trauma survivors of all kinds. In his treatment approach he incorporates EMDR , CBT, mindfulness, as well as family centerd approaches. Justin specializes in working with all adolescents but is especially passionate about working with angry and defiant teenage boys. He also passionate about working with individuals who wonder if they drink too much or use  alcohol as coping. He helps individuals determine if their drinking is problematic, or not, in a non-judgmental environment, and individualizes treatment plans to help them move closer to their goals.

Fun Fact: Justin worked as an au-pair, aka manny, in Italy.

Kristin Nakajima is a Certified Trauma Professional and she is devoted to working with individuals struggling with all types of trauma, grief, loss, anxiety, and depression. She believes that each person’s experience is unique, personal, and important. Events both large and small can elicit a grief response: death, divorce, breakups, loss of a job,  change in job,  death of a fur baby, miscarriage, anniversary of a loss, and more. Kristin has specialized training and experience working with grief, loss and trauma and knows how to guide individuals from from feeling stuck, to living again. She is also passionate about working with two special populations: current or former athletes and first responders.  Kristin primarily practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) infused with an appreciation for mindfulness and the arts.

Fun Fact: Kristin loves animals. She sings and plays the guitar.

Bridgette Grant is excited about working to empower women. Especially anxious women adjusting to new roles: career, college students, marriage, motherhood, postpartum adjustment, postpartum stress, postpartum depression, etc. She is also passionate about working with teens, especially teenage girls. She helps teens better understand themselves, identify their strengths, and develop the ability to recognize when they’re on the right path.  Bridgette's therapeutic style is direct yet compassionate, making her easy to talk to. She primarily practices cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) infused with an appreciation for holistic health.

Fun Fact: Bridgette enjoys the outdoors, the sound, the sea, and live music.

Becky O'Dell is passionate about working with anxiety suffers. Her therapeutic style is warm and welcoming. Becky therapeutic orientation is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  She loves working with adults and college students and is passionate about helping all types of anxiety suffers,  ADHD, trouble in school, and individuals going through life transitions

Fun Fact: She has a sweet golden retriever rescue named Bradley and loves a good cup of coffee.

Lori Brinkley loves working with moms! She knows after the birth of a child comes a chaotic, stressful, yet beautiful time. She works with mothers and fathers adjusting to new roles, postpartum adjustment, postpartum stress, postpartum depression, all the way to the “tween/teenage adjustment”. She loves helping parents learn to navigate their new roles. She also, is passionate about empowering women and helping them find their voice following trauma, abuse, divorce, separation, adjusting to college, and pregnancy.  Lori also specializes in helping disconnected couples improve their communication and intimacy.  Mindfulness is infused in Lori’s practice. She believes in the mind-body connection and creating joy are essential to building happy healthy life. 

Fun Fact: Lori has completed a tough mudder. She says it was life changing course and she is dying to do it again.

You'll find Steve Tyndall’s style to be honest and no nonsense. His laugh is contagious and his sessions infused with compassion and humor. Steve is an LCSW and  has over 17 years of experience. He is a North Carolina native, born in Fayetteville, NC. He has also lived in the Pamlico County area for 20 years until moving  to Wilmington in 2015. He specializes in couples and marriage therapy, teens and adolescents, (especially angry, oppositional, and defiant teens), and substance abuse treatment

Fun Fact: Steve loves to be outdoors and plays a mean game of disc golf.

Jeanne McAllister  is trained in counseling and substance abuse.  She has 20 years of experience working in outpatient mental health. Her approach is gentle and nurturing. She is an advanced generalist but is passionate about and specializes  in working with individuals who have a loved one struggling with substance abuse, the busy powerful overworked women who do everything, and lost college students. Jeanne is also a trauma specialist proficient in trauma focused CBT (TFCBT).

Fun Fact: Jeanne is a book worm at heart and reads anything she gets her hands on.

Caroline Clement's approach is supportive, direct, and action oriented She is an experienced and skilled Psychologist who has over 20 years of experience counseling, teaching, researching, and mentoring young psychologists. She currently has a specialized private practice and is a full time decorated professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She specializes and is passionate about working with individuals with fertility issues, infertility, couples undergoing fertility treatmentscancer patients, cancer survivors, loved ones of those fighting cancer, and individuals who have lost a loved one/s to cancer.  When she's not being a super psychologist you can catch her tucked away with a great novel and spending time with her family and son. 

Fun Fact: Carrie is known as our resident aspiring novelist.


 Kati Joyner is a registered dietitian nutritionist, a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD), as well as a CEDRD Supervisor. She is passionate about helping individuals rebuild healthy relationships with food.  Kati is a proud partner of Clairty Counseling Center and is passionate about working with individuals with eating disorders. Kati's approach is different than a typical dietitian. She uses a non-diet approach and creates a non-judgemental environment for clients to explore how eating habits contribute to overall health and wellness. She knows there's always an emotional component to eating issues and incorporates addressing those issues into her sessions. Kati is a great motivator and creates customized treatment plans for each client to ensure she is best supporting each person in meeting their nutritional goals.

Fun Fact: Kati is a huge Oprah fan and saw her speak in Washington DC.

Office Manager

Jessica Swanson is our Office Manager a.k.a. 'the president of pretty much everything'.  Her superpower is therapist-client matchmaking.  She has a sixth sense. Jessica has years of experience as an office administrator in the healthcare industry. She is our social media guru, responsible for all front desk activities,  handles scheduling, answers insurance questions, enforces HIPAA,  creates administrative training handbooks as well as policies and procedures manuals, and much MUCH more! We don't know what we'd do without her! 

Fun Fact: Jessica is a beach lover through and through. Toes in the sand and salt breeze in her hair and she's content.