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Meet our Office Manager Molly Kinnisten


Molly Kinnisten, Office Manager

Molly Kinnisten, Office Manager

Molly Kinnisten is our office manager. She is the leader of our administrative staff and a member of our leadership team. She is our social media guru and loves using her creativity to tell our therapists’ stories. She is a skilled therapist client matchmaker and know her creative marketing skills play an important role in that process.

“Her superpower is her creative marketing of Clarity’s therapists.”

Molly is a therapist in training and plans to pursue a Masters degree in mental health counseling.

Fun Fact: Molly loves spending time with my dog, Georgia and she is a picky eater. Her favorite foods are hotdogs and tacos.


UNDERGRADUATE, Molly received her B.A. in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington