Millennial Issues


Millennial Therapist

"She said she's a millennial therapist....What even is that anyway?" 

We believe millennials have unique therapy needs. Millennials are the demographic cohort with starting birth years in the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. The central difference between millennials and previous generations is how they communicate. This generation deserves a tailored approach and therapists who are able to relate to young adults’ concerns others might dismiss. We meet people where they are, not try to change them.

Millennial Issues We Treat 

  • Quarter Life Crisis

  • I have a/am working toward a degree but I want to do something else...I think...idk.

  • Feeling Lost - Seeking Passion, Fulfillment, or Happiness

  • Wondering Who I am. Uncovering the real you- beliefs, joy, and values.

  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

  • Fear of Making the Wrong Life Choices

  • Feeling Preeeessssssuuure! Ugh.

  • Career Counseling & Preparation for Graduation

  • Making Decisions About & Planning Your Future

  • "Adulting"

  • Economic Uncertainty

  • Student Debt

  • Adjusting to College Life

  • Roommate Conflict

  • Savage frenemy?

  • Brutal Break-Ups

  • Helicopter Parents (no disrespect parents, we <3 you)

  • Social Media Anxiety

  • Widening or Creating Your Social Circle

  • Been Ghosted?

  • Cyberbullying

  • Would you like to create a Healthy Body Image?

  • Dealing with Alcohol & Drug Use

Young people and college students often enter therapy rolling their eyes at their own problems, and saying “I know this is something stupid for me to be feeling and worrying about”. Our Millennial specialists know there is hope for this generation and are dedicated to helping young adults and college students work through anxieties and fears to build lives they love!