LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy


LGBTQ+ Couples Therapy

LGBTQ+ couples argue about money, sex, extended family, household chores, and plenty of other topics that have nothing to do with sexual preferences or gender expression. So, why differentialte couples counseling?

Your relationship is like many others, but also different. We're here to help you find clarity and connection in a therapeutic environment that is safe and supportive.

Unique Issues Encountered By LGBTQ+ Couples

Coming Out & Openness: Coming out as LGBTQ+ to yourself (self-acceptance) and initiating “the talk” with family or friends; resolving internalized homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia (internalized LGBTQ+ phobia:when a member of the LGBTQ+ community absorbs stereotypic or prejudicial beliefs about LGBTQ+ populations from anti-queer or anti-trans cultural, religious, or media sources); Revealing your same-sex attraction or gender identity to a heterosexual or cis-gender romantic partner; dating a closeted or semi-out partner when you yourself are fully open about your sexuality or gender expression.

Dating, Open Relationships, & Jealousy: Conquering jealousy, when your girlfriend or boyfriend is besties with their exes. Navigating the exhilarating—and often nerve-wracking—world of LGBTQ+ relationships (first loves, sexual experiences, and heartaches; online dating and LGBTQ+ bars; taking the commitment plunge, learning how to cohabitate, or popping the question); Ironing out the rules and limitations of an open or polyamorous relationship;

Family Acceptance: Disclosing your sexual orientation or gender identity to your family and bracing yourself for the reactions (from unconditional approval… to denial, sorrow, anger, or rejection); Integrating your partner into family affairs (including those awkward Easter dinners with grandma…); Relieving the suffocating tension when your family members dislike or disagree with your partner

Prejudice & Discrimination: Overcoming anti-LGBTQ+ obstacles and biases—including, discriminatory adoption policies, hiring practices, or rental procedures & healthcare, legal or socioeconomic barriers—as a united front; Recovering from homophobic or transphobic slurs, relentless bullying, harassment, or anti-LGBTQ+ violence

Gay & Lesbian Marriage: Tying the knot and confronting familial disapproval or resolving spiritual ambiguities; Planning the perfect wedding and carving out time to decompress from hiring caterers, choosing flowers, and deescalating your beloved bride- or groomzilla; Finding a way to cope with waking up every morning and wondering… Are my marriage rights still “legal” today?

Family & Parenting: Negotiating the specifics of childbirth or adoption; Ironing out parenting roles and discipline strategies to dodge the bullet of future confrontations; Equipping your children for interpersonal success and formulating a plan to counteract anti-LGBTQ+ bullying at school; Raising awesome adults through all facets of childhood (from the terrible twos to the teenage years, college, and beyond!)