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Meet our Administrative Staff Kyndall Sutherland


  Kyndall Sutherland, Administrative Staff

Kyndall Sutherland, Administrative Staff

Kyndall Sutherland  is a member of our administrative staff. She loves talking to clients and answering questions about care, helping match individuals with the best provider for them, and working with the clarity team. Kyndall is a therapist in training and is passionate about mental health.

She plans to attend graduate school to get her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. She has a  special place in her heart for advocacy, working with underserved communities, and empowering others. She hopes to work many different populations, especially those who cannot afford care. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to receive help.

Fun Fact: As a foodie and someone with Celiac disease, she loves sharing gluten-free food finds.


UNDERGRADUATE, Kyndall received her B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Applied Behavioral Analysis from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington