Meet our Therapists


Training and Experience

Karin is a clinical psychologist, licensed as a Psychological Associate, a certified Healthcare Service Provider, a registered yoga teacher, and a co-owner of Clarity Counseling Center. Her professional experience is dynamic and robust. She has training and experience in a variety of treatment milieus. Her graduate degree from UNCW includes a concentration in Substance Abuse Treatment - she graduated with a degree meeting the licensing criteria to become a licensed psychologist as well as a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS)

Karin has over 15 years of experience in the field. Her early career experience includes working in an inpatient facility at 17 years old as part of her high school's 'job-ready program', volunteering at a youth halfway house, volunteering at Coastal Horozion's Rape Crisis Center, and co-leading body image groups for teenage girls in a developing community. She has worked in research labs and conducted psychological research and testing

Karin is a 200hr registered yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for over ten years. She feels that yoga and psychotherapy are natural partners and a result, her clinical work is infused with an appreciation for holistic health, wellness, and mindfulness. 

Karin is also a 'military brat' and can relate to the dynamic challenges of military life.

Currently, she spends much of her time at her thriving specialty counseling practice and managing her counseling center, Clarity Counseling Center.  She also holds a contract with the New Hanover County Juvenile Detention Center providing suicide risk assessments, psychological evaluations, and psychotherapy to juveniles in the New Hanover County Detention Center. 

Treatment Orientation

Karin's treatment approach is active and supportive.  She relies primarily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), but shifts to other modalities when indicated. 

She is also credentialed to provide online counseling, e-therapy, or distance counseling.