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Meet our Administrative Assistant Hannah Staats


Hannah Staats, Administrative Assistant

Hannah Staats, Administrative Assistant

Hannah Staats is Clarity’s valued administrative assistant. She is easygoing, quick with a laugh, and has a passion for connecting with people. You can find Hannah lighting up the front office, assisting clients, having a laugh, and ensuring daily operations run smoothly.

Hannah’s strength is people! She is brilliant and empathic; a natural ‘people person’. She has a genuine interest in knowing the individuals who cross her path. She can hold a conversation with almost anyone and her light and laughter brighten our client’s day.

“Her superpower is lighting up our client’s day with her smile. ”

Hannah is an HR expert in the making. She’s a senior Human Resources major at UNCW and hopes to use her knowledge at Clarity. Hannah aspires to have a career in human resources one day and help companies make sure employees are cared for. 

Fun Fact: Hannah has a three legged rescue dog and both her first and last names are palindromes.


UNDERGRADUATE, Hannah in working toward her B.A. in Human Resources from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington