Couples Therapy for One

couples counseling for one counseling wilmington nc

What is Couples Therapy for One?

Interested in working on your relationship but can’t get your partner to participate? Couples therapy isn’t just for two. You can come by yourself! Research shows that 91%* of the time when one partner changes their behavior, it is likely to see a positive impact on the relationship. Of course, there are exceptions, but those are great odds!

Couples Counseling for One Can:

  • Teach you behaviors to better engage your partner

  • Work on communication tactics to help make movement in your relationship

  • Help you do something different

  • Help you become unstuck

  • Confidence in the path you choose

  • Identify needs and boundaries

Our Gottman Relational Therapy Training  and Practical Application of Intimate Relationship skills (PAIRS) trained therapists offer customized evidence based individual relationship therapy. Give us a call today and ask for relationship therapy for an individual or schedule online to get started!

*Statistic from Developing Healthy Habits for Relationship Success, Version 4.3.2 – (C) Brent J. Atkinson