Meet The Therapists Series: Q&A with Bridgette Grant

Clarity Counseling Center is a Wilmington, NC based practice. Our “Meet the Therapists” series is intended to take a closer look into each therapist's background, values, experiences, and treatment orientation. In this series, we put therapists on the couch to learn who they are and why they do what they do. In this post I'll be interviewing Clarity therapist Bridgette Grant


Q. Do you specialize in treating certain types of issues?

bridgette grant therapist clarity counseling center therapy wilmington

 A. Right now, I love working with adults and young adults who would   like to make a positive change in their lives and would like to replace negative coping methods with constructive ones.

I am very skilled working with those suffering from depression, dealing with anxiety, stress, or rumination. I enjoy working with teenage girls and young women, helping them to establish healthy self-esteem, improve their confidence and assertiveness, and foster healthy relationships. Also, helping people navigate life changes such as entering college, ending/beginning a job or new career, or adjusting to a new role as a parent. I especially love helping new mothers transitioning to thier new role.  

Q. What is your therapeutic approach?

A. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I approach therapy from a holistic point of view and consider not only the emotional or psychological aspects of one’s health, but the various factors which can affect one’s wellbeing.  

Having been trained in systemic and cognitive behavioral approaches to therapy, I am able to integrate practical techniques to meet each individual’s needs. Clients tell me they appreciate that I am “easy to talk to” and provide direct and honest feedback.  

Q. What is the most challenging part of your work?

A. The most challenging part of my work is hearing about other people’s painful experiences. While troubling to hear, I know that in their sharing these experiences in therapy, they can begin the healing process.

Q. What is the most rewarding part of your work?

A. I find it very rewarding to be able to connect with so many different people on such a meaningful level. It is in an honor to be trusted with people’s stories, to be a facilitator of positive change in their lives. Witnessing someone overcome difficult circumstances, painful memories, meet their goals, or simply find a spark of hope or some peace of mind is always the greatest reward.

Q. If every potential therapy client was listening what would you want them to know?

A. I would want them to know that therapy is not only for people who are experiencing some type of crisis, but can be beneficial for anyone’s personal growth. We are all a work in progress! And therapy can serve as a map to guide people toward their best self, no matter why, when, or where they begin.

Q. What is the most important thing to look for in a therapist?

A. I feel the most important thing to look for in a therapist is their ability to connect with you. After a few sessions, you should begin to feel more at ease discussing difficult topics and should feel that you are being heard, understood, and accepted.

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