Could Play Therapy Help Your Child Communicate?

Check out Becky O'Dell's responses to Can Play Therapy Help my Child? She discusses play therapy for National Play Therapy week on WECT's First at Four! 

O’Dell’s Answer: In play therapy, the toys are the words and the play is the language. While adults generally communicate through language, kids, until the age of about 12, use play instead of words to communicate. A play therapist's job is to facilitate the communication and expression of emotions and  processing through those emotions. Ex. A therapist might teach breathing exercises to a kid who struggles with anger.

Q: What are three things parents may not know about Play Therapy?

O’Dell’s Answer: 

1) Parents Are Included:The parents’ role is very important and sessions usually follow a pattern of one session with parents followed by 2 Play Therapy sessions. Parents are given tools and step by step plans. Like book lists and follow up ideas to implement at home"

2) There Are Signs that Play Therapy Can Be Beneficial:

If a child is having behavioral difficulties, like separation anxiety or ADHD, that are disruptive in school or at home, it might be time to consider play therapy. Also, if a family is experiencing a divorce, death, serious illness or other stressful situations, a play therapist can help the child to process through some of their big feelings.

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