Play Therapy for ADD?

Are finding shoes, misplacing toys, and following simple instructions common in your home? We all have days where we feel scattered, misplace things, we make poor decisions & then deal with the aftermath. As adults, we would talk about it with our friends, co-workers, spouses, and write it off as a bad day. A child with ADHD deals with this constantly. Imagine how frustrated they feel especially if they do not possess ability or skills to express with words. 

Children with ADHD have difficulties with an area called “Executive Functioning.”  Executive functioning is a fancy smancy way of describing the area of our brain that controls our judgement, decision making, focus, managing impulses. Play Therapy is a great way to develop some of these skills! In play therapy children can express themselves and through play the therapist works to recast children’s perceptions, cognitions, and behaviors.

A Play Therapy session is an opportunity for a child with ADD to:

  • learn without being told no
  • play freely
  • learn to play appropriately
  • learn appropriate boundaries 
  • make better choices/decisions and the therapist provides reflection of those decisions  
  • generalize skills
  • gain a personal awareness to begin making healthy choices
play therapy_ADD
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