4 Tips for Keeping New's Year's Resolutions

4 Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolution

Last year one of my favorite colleagues, Ashlea Kosikowski from WECT, invited me to join her on First At Four for a interview on tips for keeping new years resolutions. We had a great time chatting about tips and tricks to make new years resolutions stick beyond January.  One year later they still apply. Simple solutions never go out of stye!

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4 Tips To Keep Your New Years Resolution

Set small, specific goals: Don’t set a resolution to eat healthier. That’s too broad. Instead, be small and specific. A better goal would be to eat a salad once a day or a vegetable at every meal.

Reward yourself: If you’ve done a good job of keeping up with your diet, reward yourself at the end of the week with a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine.

Check in and Adjust Route: On Sunday, check in on your progress from the past week. How did you do? What can you do better in the coming week? I recommend planning ahead for the next week. If your goal is to eat healthier, start planning your meals for the week on Sunday night.

Cut yourself some slack: I say aim for “progress not perfection.” Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track, just plan to do better tomorrow. If you messed up, don't throw your entire plan out the window. 

I hope these tips help! What's your New Years Resolution? 

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