"My experience with Karin was exactly what I needed and truly has helped reshape my life into a MUCH healthier and more balanced place – mentally and physically. I had been to a total of three therapists before meeting Karin. Some of them had a few useful things to say, but for the most part I was not able to gain anything significant from my time with them. She kindly challenged me in a way that finally helped me get to my underlying issues, without coddling me. All of my other therapists had coddled me, and that was not what I needed or wanted.

I had actively sought treatment because I knew I was not in a healthy place and it was important to me to change what I was doing, but I was unsure of how to go about it. Karin gave me the tools to tackle my issues, while continuing to challenge me to grow. I would recommend Karin to anyone who would listen to me! My experience was quite literally life changing."

- K (former client)