"I came to see Karin eight months ago after a rather devastating and, quite frankly, unbelievable exit was made from my life. I was mourning a loss and while I've never lost someone to death (thankfully), it was still a loss of that person in my life and a loss of identity, which I'd never experienced before. I was afraid and lonely. But after relaying the cliff's notes version of my situation through a new patient message, she promptly called me back and we talked it out even more over the phone. I immediately felt vulnerable and comfortable. Two things I believe one needs to feel around their analyst in order to begin their journey back to independence and resolution. She, in turn, said how good she felt about our ability to speak freely with each other and in her ability to help me through my grieving process.

And she did just that. We talked about the third party who I was mourning over, but more importantly, we talked about what that exit meant for me and my future, for my independence. I've been to my share of therapists but they've all been of the same variety in which they nod and just prompt me to continue with my "story" while only asking "how did that make you feel?" Karin did not do this. She was straight with me, asking me what I wanted, presenting the worst case scenario that no one wants to confront yet is necessary in recovery and then helping me make a plan for myself (career, romantic, familial, etc). She was there for me, and continues to be, even after I've moved away from Wilmington. If you're looking for an actual dialogue (not just a sounding board) and effective solutions and some laughs, I can't think of anyone else you should see."

-A (former client)