Meet our Therapists

Meet our Therapist Dr. Caroline Clements

Dr. Caroline Clements, PhD

Dr. Caroline Clements, PhD

Dr. Caroline Clement's, Ph.D. approach is supportive, direct, and action oriented.  She is an experienced and skilled Psychologist who has over 20 years of experience counseling, teaching, researching, and mentoring young psychologists. She currently has a specialized private practice and is a full time decorated professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Carrie specializations include infertilitymale and female reproductive health, and health psychology- health and illness related symptoms and complications. Specifically,  individuals diagnosed with cancer, going through chemo, loved ones of individuals diagnosed with cancer, chronic illness patients, fertility issues, conversion disorders. She also worked with empty nesters, failure to launch situations, and 'toxic and trying'/high conflict couples.

As a member of the American College of Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) she is passionate about  counseling patients struggling with fertility issues or infertility.  Carrie knows that fertility challenges can lead to emotional distress and put strain on a partnership. While fertility treatments in the medical field may be able to help improve the likelihood of conception, it can be a helpful for couples or individuals undergoing these treatments to enter therapy to work through grief, anxiety, worry, and other emotions that may be experienced as a result of fertility issues. In therapy, those faced with infertility will be able to discuss options and make decisions about how to proceed, whether through adoption, fertility treatments, artificial insemination, surrogate parenting, or even separation. Therapy can also help couples deal with the feelings of guilt or anger that may arise between two partners when only one person is infertile.

"Entering therapy while undergoing fertility issues can be a helpful way to work through grief, anxiety, worry, and other emotions that may be experienced as a result of fertility  issues. " -Dr. Caroline Clements

Carrie has training, personal experiences, as well as professional experience that make her highly sought after for counseling  individuals diagnosed with cancer as well as those diagnosed with other chronic illnesses.  Her approach includes overall support and advocate of her patients as well as, stress and coping skills, communication skills (treatment decision-making, communication with providers), and behavioral sleep and pain management skills.  She also often assists in communication between the cancer patient, his/her family, and the patient’s cancer care health team. 

She also enjoys working with has had success treating conversion disorders. A condition in which a person has blindness, paralysis, or other nervous system (neurologic) symptoms that cannot be explained by medical evaluation.

Fun Fact: Carrie is known as our resident aspiring novelist. When she's not being a super psychologist you can catch her tucked away with a great novel and spending time with her family and son.


  • Individuals diagnosed with cancer
  •  Individuals undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Loved ones of those diagnosed with cancer
  • Infertility and fertility issues
  • Reproductive health
  • Caretakers and Eldercare
  • Conversion disorders
  • High conflict couples or 'toxic and trying' couples
  • 'Failure to Launch' situations
  • Individuals diagnosed with chronic illness or terminal illness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance Use Issues
  • Healthcare Professionals

Treatment Orientation:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychodynamic


GRADUATE, Dr. Clements received her Master's degree from Northwestern University in Clinical Psychology and Personality.

DOCTORATE, Dr. Clements received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Clinical Psychology and Personality.


No one achieves their great successes alone.
— Dr. Caroline Clements